The Implementation Group

The Implementation Group (TIG) is a proven research development firm specializing in strategic positioning, proposal development, and team science to increase our clients' competitiveness for external funding.

Founded in 1994, TIG is an established leader in the federal grants arena and has developed a highly effective and integrated system to support competitive proposal development.  At the core of this work is a multi-tiered review process we implement for proposals ranging from small to complex. TIG possesses the ability to work across multiple disciplines and institutions. To date, TIG has helped its clients secure over 1 billion in federal and private dollars. This metric is a key indicator of TIG’s demonstrated performance and capability.


TIG’s broad-based experience in positioning clients to win private and federal funding is the hallmark of our practice.


Competition for funding at the federal level has increased significantly as a result of a number of intersecting factors including budget, deficit reduction strategies, and an increasing number of proposals for agency competitions for STEM research and education funds. The greatest impact in the next few years likely will be on new proposals. In a complex funding environment it’s important to be in the know.

TIG works, in concert, with a wide range of former federal agency experts and external scientific consultants allowing us to cross-cut every Federal agency to meet client needs.  We have strategic partnerships with over 250 consultants who augment internal strengths and provide high-level strategic advice and counsel.  These consultants have either worked or have had success navigating key funding agencies such as Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Education, Energy, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation.  By coordinating and managing your team of experts, we minimize the time and aggravation you need to spend locating and contracting with various area specialists.  Our approach ensures that your research, development and education goals and objectives remain focused while you enjoy the benefits of multiple perspectives and approaches to problems.  Our major practice areas include:

Tactical and Strategic Consulting for Proposal Development

TIG works to identify individual investigators and faculty research teams that would most benefit from TIG services based upon institutional priority areas. TIG works with faculty and teams to prepare competitive grant applications using a suite of proposal development services.

Firm Capabilities: Funding Opportunity Analysis, Project Conceptualization and Positioning, Pre-submission Proposal Review and Assessment, Augmentation, Compliance Tracking, Post Factum Review, Analysis, and Resubmission.

Research Funding Services/Technical Assistance

TIG provides direct technical assistance and support in its efforts to provide faculty with streamlined, organized, and efficient access to all information and processes necessary to conduct research and facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship at your institution.

Firm Capabilities: Proposal Development Workshops/Training Seminars, Mock Panel Reviews, Color Team Reviews, and ‘Special’ Competition Reviews.

Advice and Consultation

TIG provides strategic guidance and direction to your institution as requested and needed.

Firm Capabilities: Research Strategic Planning, Competitive Institutional Analysis, Visibility Enhancement, Representation, Partnerships/Alliance Formation, Board/Committee Placement and Agency Liaison.

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TIG has the capacity to take on new clients and maintain its client base. Not only is our client retention rate greater than 80%, but most of our new business is a direct result of existing client referrals.


TIG has a predominantly university-based clientele. We work with small and large, public and private colleges and universities, with Carnegie ratings from “Assoc/Pub2in4” to research universities with “High” to “Very High” research activity.

TIG’s current client portfolio consists of 16 Universities, 4 State S&T Offices/Research Foundations, 1 Independent Marine Lab, and an S&T Industry Firm.  TIG also provides consulting services to two large non-profit coalitions, that collectively brings us into contact with well over 100 universities on an annual basis. They are the EPSCoR/IDeA Foundation (28 jurisdictions), and the National Space Grant Alliance (52 state-based consortia, including: >900 affiliates and collaborators consisting of universities, community colleges, NASA field centers, industry, museums, and agencies).

Client list available upon request.



TIG is distinguished from other advisory firms by the blend of talents and relationships of its founders, principals, and associates.